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Red island and the island of St. Andrew, the island of Sveta Katarina, Banjole, Figaraola, the island of Two Sisters, Zlatni Rt forest park, the Lim channel, the Palud swamp, the Fantazija quarry

Rovinj, a gem on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, enchants with its natural beauty that leaves an indelible impression on visitors.

One of the must-see natural attractions are the Rovinj Islands, located near the town. These picturesque islands, such as Red Island, St. Andrew's Island, and Maškin Island, offer pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and beautiful coves, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore untouched nature.

The Lim Bay, a natural fjord stretching between high cliffs, captivates with its dramatic beauty. Surrounded by green hills and forest, the bay offers a unique natural landscape that takes your breath away.

The Golden Cape Park Forest, another enchanting natural oasis in Rovinj, is an ideal place for walking and relaxation in nature. With its lush greenery, forest trails, and hidden coves, this area provides the perfect balance between the beauty of nature and outdoor activities.

Rovinj is full of natural wonders waiting to be explored. Whether it's pristine islands, dramatic fjords, or forest parks, this town offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventurers.