To enable you to have a more comfortable stay and to avoid any possible misunderstandings, please familiarize yourself with the house rules. Confirmation of your reservation implies that you are acquainted with its points, agree with them, and undertake to fully comply with them. Non-compliance with the house rules may result in the cancellation of your reservation and the charge of the full stay, regardless of any earlier forced departure.


Upon arrival at Villa VaLetiS, guests are required to present personal identification for all individuals (passports or identity cards) in order to register their stay. These data will not be used for any other purpose. Guests who refuse to provide any valid form of identification for the legally binding tourist registration may be denied access to Villa VaLetiS without the possibility of a refund of the rental amount.


At all times, the maximum number of persons accommodated on the property of Villa VaLetiS shall not exceed the number indicated on the booking confirmation. The number of guests may be increased up to the maximum capacity specified on the Villa VaLetiS website. The accommodation is for up to 5 people - including 4 regular beds and 1 extra bed (sofa bed). Any requested change in the number of guests must be submitted via email. The maximum number of persons includes children. Children under one year of age are not counted. If more people than the maximum allowed number stay at Villa VaLetiS or on the property of Villa VaLetiS without the owner's permission, the owner reserves the right to require the guest to leave Villa VaLetiS permanently within 2 (two) hours. There will be no refund for the unused rental time.


On the day of departure, guests must vacate the accommodation unit by 10:00 a.m. to allow for cleaning and preparation for subsequent guests. Guests are entitled to enter Villa VaLetiS from 3:00 p.m. If a guest arrives on the day of check-in after 8:00 p.m., late arrival must be notified in advance. Early check-in and late check-out up to 3 hours before the official times are not charged. For check-in earlier and check-out later than 3 to 10 hours from the official time, there is a surcharge of 50% of the overnight stay. For check-in earlier and check-out later than 10 hours from the official time, a full overnight stay is charged. Early check-in and late check-out are only possible on days when there are no other guests arriving/departing and must be arranged individually with the host.


4.1. During the stay, hosts of Villa VaLetiS are available for all information and assistance. 

4.2. Bed linen is changed once a week. Guests are provided with towels (3 towels per person per week), kitchen towels, sauna, pool, sun loungers, umbrellas, and private parking. 

4.3. Villa VaLetiS is not obliged or responsible for organizing leisure activities and entertainment for guests. 

4.4. Guests are responsible for their own belongings and valuables left at Villa VaLetiS, and the owner is not liable for any potential loss. When leaving Villa VaLetiS, guests must lock the doors and close the windows. 

4.5. In the absence of the guest, the owner or staff, unless agreed otherwise, does not have the right to enter Villa VaLetiS. The exception is special circumstances that require entry - for safety reasons and to prevent damage. The owner is obliged to inform the guest of their entry during their next contact. In case of justified suspicion by the host that damage has been caused, guests are obliged to allow entry to Villa VaLetiS for inspection of the situation. 

4.6. Pet stay is allowed only upon prior inquiry. Pets are not allowed to use household furniture and the pool. The stay of a pet is charged at 10 € per day. 

4.7. Weapons, flammable and explosive substances, substances with strong or unpleasant odors, and any food preparation appliances (kettle, etc.) or other electrical appliances (fan, etc.) are not allowed to be brought into Villa VaLetiS without permission or prior approval from Villa VaLetiS. 

4.8. Guests are requested to take care of the rented accommodation unit and to treat the furniture and equipment inside and outside the house with care. It is not allowed to move furniture from one room to another or to take equipment outside the house or to the pool. It is strictly forbidden to use indoor furniture (sofa, chairs, beds, etc.) in wet or damp clothing, including wet swimsuits. Guests are required to take care of the indoor furniture (sofa, chairs, beds, etc.) if using various oils or sun creams due to the possible permanent damage to the furniture. When applying oils or sun creams, care should be taken with indoor furniture due to grease. 

4.9. Use of the pool is at your own risk. It is recommended to use the pool with increased caution and without extreme exhibitionism. Guests must adhere to the pool usage instructions posted near the pool. Only swimmers may use the pool at their own risk. Parents or guardians are responsible for children. 

4.10. Smoking is not allowed inside the house. Smoking outside the house is allowed. Smokers are requested not to discard cigarette butts in the yard. 

4.11. All electrical equipment in the house must be used with caution and in accordance with the provided instructions for use. When leaving Villa VaLetiS, guests must ensure to turn off the lights, electrical appliances, and close the taps. Special care should be taken not to leave the air conditioning unit on unnecessarily while the guest is not in the accommodation unit and not to use it with open windows and doors for the purpose of unnecessary consumption of electricity. It is prohibited to dispose of waste (sanitary pads, diapers, wet wipes, cotton balls, etc.) in toilets, sinks, and other places not intended for it, including the yard and immediate vicinity of the house. During your stay, maintain cleanliness and necessary hygiene, and dispose of waste daily in the designated place. 

4.12. In case of bad weather conditions or storms, all umbrellas, doors, windows, and shutters must be properly closed. 4.13. To ensure a pleasant stay for arriving guests, please leave the Villa in the same condition as you found it upon departure.


Upon arrival at Villa VaLetiS, the guest undertakes to leave a security deposit with the host in the amount of 500.00 Euros. The amount of the security deposit will be indicated in the written confirmation. The deposit serves as security to the owner for damages caused to and around Villa. In case the damage exceeds the amount of the deposited deposit, the guest is obliged to compensate the owner for the full amount of the damage. If no damage is caused to or around Villa, the host of Villa VaLetiS undertakes to return the deposited amount to the guest upon departure. A guest who intentionally or unintentionally causes damage to the property of Villa VaLetiS will have to compensate Villa VaLetiS for the full amount of the damage.


6.1. Unless otherwise specified, all prices are stated in Euros. 

a) Upon reservation, a deposit of 30% of the total agreed accommodation price is paid. The guest pays the owner of Villa Valetis via bank transfer. 

b) The Villa guest pays the balance of 70% of the total contracted accommodation price to the Villa owner's account no later than thirty (30) days from the start of the rental period if payment is made via bank transfer or cash on the day of arrival.

6.2. If the reservation is made less than 30 days before the start of the rental period, the guest pays the full amount of the accommodation to the owner of Villa via bank transfer.For any further inquiries, please contact us via email at

6.3. In case of cancellation of the reservation up to 60 days before arrival, the advance payment is returned in full. In case of cancellation between 59 and 45 days before arrival, the advance payment is refunded in the amount of 50% of the amount of the payment made. In case of cancellation between 44 and 30 days before arrival, 25% of the advance payment is refunded to the guest. For cancellation less than 30 days before the rental, the advance payment is not returned to the guest.

6.4. The costs of water, electricity, and Internet usage, as well as the use of bed linen, towels, kitchen towels, final cleaning of the interior of the Villa, sauna, pool and surroundings maintenance, registration of stay, and tourist tax are included in the rental price.


Groups of guests aged 25 and younger are considered youth groups. Special damage deposit conditions apply to youth groups depending on the house rules. Guests are required to inform the owner of the group's age before or immediately after booking. Failure to comply with this provision may result in the cancellation of the reservation without the possibility of a refund of payments made.


In case guests disrupt public order and peace with noise and loud behavior, and fail to quiet down even after warnings, it may be considered a serious violation of the rental agreement, in which the guest undertakes to permanently leave Villa VaLetiS with all persons staying there within 2 (two) hours and has no right to request a refund of the paid accommodation amount from the owner. Do not disturb the peace and quiet of nighttime rest from 22:00 to 10:00 with your behavior.


Guests who do not comply with the house rules and disturb the peace may have their accommodation canceled. If Villa VaLetiS cancels accommodation due to a breach of house rules by the guest, the paid amount will not be refunded, regardless of the shortened stay. By starting to use the accommodation, it is assumed that the guest is familiar with the house rules and agrees to the obligations and conditions stated herein. All disputes that cannot be resolved internally with Villa VaLetiS will be resolved by the intervention of the police or court in Rovinj. All complaints will be considered only if reported during the stay. Subsequent complaints will not be considered. All your comments, suggestions, and proposals are welcome to continuously improve our facility and service for you. 

We wish you a pleasant stay at Villa VaLetiS - hosts of Villa VaLetiS