Summer Kitchen: In the kitchen elements, you will find:

  • Utensils for cooking, dining, and beverages.
  • Portable induction cooktop – please clean and store it in the kitchen element after use, especially at night.
  • Kettle.
  • Coffee filter machine.
  • Electric grill device – please clean it after cooling and store it in the kitchen element, especially at night.
  • The TV remote control is in the back shelf in the kitchen cabinet.
  • A leaflet with host contact information, emergency numbers, and the WiFi code is in the back drawer in the kitchen element.

Gas Grill:

  • The gas bottle is closed – note: after use, please ensure to close the gas valve.
  • BBQ utensils are in the summer kitchen, in the first drawer.
  • After the grill cools down, please spray and clean it with the grill cleaner located in the summer kitchen element under the sink.


  • The massage pump is on the narrower side of the pool near the house. Press the button on the device submerged in water. Do not pull the button, just press it inwards.
  • Note: For your safety, please do not enter the pool with creams or other substances, with food, drinks, and sharp, easily breakable items.
  • For safety, to avoid pump system malfunctions, please do not leave objects like swimsuits, balls, children's gloves, and similar items near the pool.

Outdoor Shower and Toilet by the Pool:

  • Under the sink, you will find additional toilet paper and cleaning supplies.
  • Note: Please do not dispose of diapers, sanitary napkins, and wet wipes in the toilet; instead, use the trash bin.