• Opposite the massage tub is a shelf, and on the top shelf, there is a leaflet with the host's contact information – phone numbers, emergency numbers, and WiFi password, as well as a board with behavior rules in the massage tub.

• The fan is turned on with the remote control located on the shelf opposite the massage tub.

• The fire extinguisher is located next to the door leading to the courtyard.

• Close the door to the courtyard when ventilation is on. Close the door when leaving the premises.

Finnish Sauna

• Turn off the heater after use, even though the timer is set; automatic shutdown after a maximum of 180 minutes.

• The sauna must be used with towels.

• Do not enter the Finnish sauna if you have applied creams and other products.

• Do not bring drinks and food, as well as easily breakable and flammable items and objects.

Massage Tub – Note: Be careful not to slip.

• To turn on/off the massage jets, press the white button next to the bench in the massage tub. When leaving the massage tub, be sure to disconnect the massage jets.

• Note: For your safety, please do not put shampoos in the massage tub, do not enter with creams and other products, do not consume food and drinks, and do not use sharp, easily breakable, and flammable items and objects.

• For safety, to avoid causing a malfunction in the massage tub's pumping system, please do not leave items such as swimsuits, balls, children's gloves, and similar things near the massage tub.