Upon your arrival, I will personally welcome you to the property and extend a warm greeting along with a thoughtful gift. I will guide you through the house, explaining the operation of the Finnish sauna, the whirlpool tub, the outdoor pool, the gas grill, and everything else.

You will be provided with remote keys for the main entrance, keys for secondary entry, and the main house key. Please note that the property is under video surveillance with a total of 4 cameras. One camera covers the main entrance to the property, another is directed towards the secondary entrance (smaller gate), and the remaining two cameras monitor the adjacent boundaries on the left and right sides of the property's rear. There is no video surveillance inside the property.

The evacuation plan for the entire property is located near the main entrance, on the right side, next to the coat hangers. Guests are invited to use the whirlpool tub inside the property. In the rear part of the property, there is an outdoor pool equipped with a counter-current nozzle. Both pools are filled with saltwater, and the host is responsible for checking the devices of both pools every 2-3 days, in agreement with the guest. Pool maintenance is carried out by the host without external collaborators.

Upon arrival, guests are required to deposit €500 with the host for potential damages to the property and belongings. If there are no damages, the host returns the deposit to the guest upon departure. Guests have access to the entire space with all the provided amenities, and there is no separate charge for the offered facilities. Guests are alone in the property throughout their stay.

Additional instructions and requests:

  • In case of inclement weather, please secure cushions, loungers, and blankets from the outdoor area.
  • In case of damage, contact the host.
  • Upon guest request, a travel crib for a child and a high chair can be provided.

Additional services available upon guest request and at an extra cost:

  • Individual massages and yoga treatments
  • City tours with a guide
  • Panoramic boat trips
  • Bicycle rentals
  • Breakfast arranged at a specific time
  • Delivery of a basket of products (fruits, vegetables, wine, etc.) from local producers
  • Daily cleaning of the property at an agreed-upon time

Check-out instructions:

  • Turn off all necessary equipment, with special emphasis on turning off the stove in the Finnish sauna and the jets in the indoor whirlpool tub.
  • Lock up and return the keys to the host according to the scheduled departure time. Departure is mandatory by 10 a.m. for cleaning the property for other guests.

Guest expectations:

It is expected that guests will treat the property and its belongings as if they were in their own home, following house rules. Your feedback, overall impressions of the accommodation, and any recommendations or criticisms are greatly appreciated in advance.